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Shipping Pricing

For you are very valuable and because we want you happy, we will never use ordinary shipping. Your orders will alllways be dispatched by REGISTERED  Mail Spanish CORREOS de ESPAÑA  and to European countries by ASM transporters. Shippings includes manipulation and secure packing.

Contact us by email if you want an urgent shipping

Your order will be dispatched within one working day after reception of your payment, that is why we prefer PayPal as a payment method since it makes it easier and faster!

Marcas de aceptación

SHIPPING CODES: Each product is assignated a code that will tell you the shipping cost of your chosen item. Please check and ensure you click on the right code that will be shown under the product. A letter is for Spain only.  B letter+digits is your shipping cost for Europe. C letter+digits is for The Rest of the World ( Canada, USA...)

Pricing codes will be available during the checkout process in your formulary.

Please, email us if you want to purchase many items since, by grouping them, you will benefit on a reduction on your shipping costs, thank you. SL, copyright 2015